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“We Protect Fat Loss, and Fitness Consumer Results By Advocating For Them”

Fat Loss Fitness Coach Jim O'Connor

Coach Jim O’Connor

Wellness WORD, LLC is a Los Angeles based health, fitness, and weight loss consumer advocate publishing, and coaching company with the mission of helping  individuals protect their fat loss fitness results by bridging the gap between science, and the consumer. We are passionate about squashing all unsubstantiated, non-evidence based myths that are sabotaging the dreams of so many fat loss fitness seekers.  It is our goal to become your trusted advisor by sorting through all the science, breaking it down, and disseminating evidence based best practices in a simple manner to apply to your weight loss program.  We really want to help you succeed!

weight loss workout planWellness WORD was started in Beverly Hills, California by Exercise Physiologist/Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim O’Connor in 2002. Coach O’Connor’s goal was to clear up industry confusion, and bring scientific evidence based fitness programming to the masses in order to help people effectively change their lives. Lack of information, and misinformation riddling the industry cripples peoples results leaving them frustrated.  Wellness WORD is here to bring clarity to the fat loss, and fitness consumer. We are here to serve!

Coach O’Connor has been transforming peoples lives for over 27 years!  He has conducted over 30,000 personal fitness training consulting sessions to individuals such as celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, and professionals just like yourself. He has been featured in national newspapers, and magazines, television, and radio programs.  His goal is to transform millions of peoples lives by empowering them with the correct evidence based fat loss fitness information in order to help them look better, feel better, and perform better.  We want to HELP YOU too!

In order to help you, make sure you are subscribed to receive, 100% FREE, our Top 20 Fat Loss Fitness Myths That Sabotage Results. In addition to receiving the videos you will also receive Wellness WORD Alerts [WW ALERTS] from time to time when a new fat loss, or fitness myth is mutating in the wild. We are committed to protecting your weight loss workout plan, and are passionate about showing you how to reduce weight the right way. Thank you for allowing us to serve you! We look forward to empowering you!