How To Lose Fat The Right Way

How To Lose Fat Effectively (3 Core Concepts)

There are a lot of suggested methods to lose fat, but most are inefficient, and very ineffective. It is sad to see most people waste time doing exercises or nutrition strategies that simple are not backed by scientific evidence, and really don’t work.  An example is someone walking on the treadmill 5 days a week for 30 minutes attempting to burn off enough calories to melt away body fat. Yes, calories are being burned, but not many. Just walking on the treadmill in hopes of a melting a ton of fat is proven to be both ineffective, and inefficient for fat loss.  There is a much more efficient, and effective way to accomplish weight loss while investing much less time.  Your time is valuable, isn’t it?

So how to lose fat is one of the biggest, most important questions. What do you need to do to be effective, efficient, and time saving?  It all starts with understanding 3 basic core weight loss, and workout concepts.  Not understanding, and implementing all THREE of these fat loss concepts in your weight loss program will short circuit the results.


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Fat Loss Workout

Fat Loss Workout Secrets

Individuals with a goal of weight loss generally search for that oh so perfect fat loss workout program.  Many believe exercise is the most effective way to “burn off” all that extra body fat. What type of exercise? This is where weight loss participants get things all wrong.

Is powerwalking the best way to exercise away fat? What about swimming? Biking? Lifting weights? Is exercise even effective at melting away fat?  These are big, big questions you must fully understand if decreasing body fat is your main goal.

There is a right way of doing things, and a not so effective way.  Wouldn’t it be nice doing the right, most effective results producing way? Of course!  You need to be informed before you start a fat loss workout program. In order to help you I have created a short video below revealing the most important things you need to know when utilizing a weight loss workout regimen.

Clear up all the confusion! Stop doing what doesn’t work! Most people have it all backwards, and do exercises that are not the best for fat loss. After watching the video below you will NOT make this mistake, and be confident you are on the most effective fat loss workout possible. After all, don’t you want the best results for the time you invest? I hear a loud YES.

In the video below you will discover:

  • What most people are doing all wrong on a fat loss fitness plan.
  • The most effective things you can do to burn off adipose tissue fast.
  • Why cardiovascular training is not effective.
  • Why exercise is not the most important aspect of weight loss.
  • What is the #1 things to do when you want to lose weight?
  • And much more… Click the video start button now!


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Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

What is the best exercise for weight loss? This is a frequent question I receive almost on a daily basis. Fat loss fitness participants want that “magic exercise bullet” to strip away body fat fast. Is there such a magic exercise bullet? Many seem to think so.

While on a weight loss program you definitely need exercise to both help burn extra calories, and preserve valuable metabolically active muscle tissue. What is the best exercise(s) to do in order to reach your goals quicker? Most people don’t want to spend all day in the gym. Therefore, in order to maximize your results while investing the least amount of exercise time, you will need to know exactly what to do in the gym.  I am here to help! In order to reveal the best exercise for weight loss I have created a very short (less than 5 minute) video to help you.


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How To Lose Body Fat Fast

How To Lose Body Fat Fast

Doesn’t every weight loss enthusiast want to melt away fat quickly?  In today’s instant gratification society there are not many people who want to lose weight slowly. Therefore, in the video below,  I reveal how to lose body fat fast.  Please understand I am not claiming you will lose 15 pounds in 7 days. What I am advocating is safely losing fat in the most effective, efficient manner possible.

Don’t fall for those bogus ads all across the internet stating a weight loss of 15 pounds in 7 days. You are not losing just fat, but lots of water plus the breakdown of muscle protein. Plus, this type of program is not sustainable. This type of approach is not a healthy, and long term effective way of reaching your goal. Don’t fall for it!

In the video below I share powerful tips you can implement today to help you safely accelerate your weight loss efforts. All tips on the how to lose body fast video are powered by science, and not fiction.


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How To Lose Weight – The Truth

The TRUTH About How To Lose Weight

The biggest question in fitness is how to lose weight effectively.  Many people try, but end up in a state of frustration form lack of results. Meanwhile others successfully lose fat, only to gain it back in six short months plus an additional ten pounds of fat. Is it the weight loss participants fault? Do they have weak discipline? Or, is it someone else’s fault?

First off, I want to say it is not the weight loss participants fault! Nope. You might be surprised by this. Before you think I am crazy please allow me to explain in the video below. Watch it now. You won’t believe who I call out. Seriously, things need to change in the fat loss industry; and I am doing something about it.  Actually, I am mad as hell at the weight loss/fitness industry. You will see in the video below! I guess you can I went on a rant.

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Weight Loss Workout Program Best Exercises

3 Best Weight Loss Workout Program Exercises

I know you don’t like to waste time in the gym. Why would you invest your precious time doing movements that will not help you very much? Your weight loss workout program really should be about adding in the best exercises to help you burn fat fast.

Unless you have specific orthopedic challenges you must have THREE movements in your fat loss workout program. The three exercises will give you the best strength and fat loss for the time you invest.

So what are the BIG 3 you must have in your weight loss workout program?  Watch the short video below for all the details. The tips shared in the video below can take your results to the next level. Try me!  As a matter of fact, all strength training programs should have these BIG 3 exercises.  Make sure you have them in your program. They are powerful!


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Weight Loss Myths Debunked


Avoid These 5 Common Weight Loss Program Myths!

Let’s face it, there are lots of fat loss solutions available today. Some are good, while most are riddled with result sabotaging weight loss programmyths. It is unfortunate that some good intentioned individuals fall for such weight loss program myths. There is an overwhelming amount of fat loss misinformation that causes confusion to the average consumer. Which method, strategy, or tactic is correct? Which nutrition plan is backed by science?  The correct information, in today’s information age, is sometimes hard to come by.

Today’s fat loss results article will help sort through some frustrating weight loss program myths; thus, protecting future results. Below are 5 of the fallacies you will most likely be exposed to.  It is very likely you will even believe in a few of these myths. Don’t worry! I am here to help. Read closely!

1. When you eat is more important than how much you eat.

Remember hearing you shouldn’t eat after 6 pm because your food will turn to fat?  What about skipping breakfast will make you fat?

There is no direct correlation between meal timing, and fat loss. The amount you eat (daily caloric intake) is way more important than the timing of feedings.  For more detailed information on the hierarchy of fat loss please read Wellness WORD’S popular post on how to lose weight.

Managing your calories should take full priority over sticking to the correct macronutrient ratios. Meal timing is least important.

2.  Eating carbohydrates at night will lead to adding body fat

This is not necessarily true.  It all depends upon how many calories, and carbohydrates you have consumed throughout the entire day. No matter if it is carbs, fat, or protein, if you are in a caloric surplus, then you have a good chance of adding fat.  On your weight loss program don’t feel guilty if you eat healthy low glycemic carbohydrates at night. Just don’t eat a ton all day long.  In terms of controlling blood sugar, it is always best to consume your carbs before, and/or after exercise.


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How To Lose Weight Made Simple

 Most Fat Loss Seekers Have It ALL WRONG!

Sorry, but most people have it all wrong! They have not idea how to lose weight. They are as confused as hell! It isn’t that complicated as long as you Fat Lossunderstand the ultimate hierarchy are weight loss. Too many individuals worry about the insignificant details like relying on supplements to burn fat, or think nutrient timing is the magic bullet. What about carb cycling? Intermittent fasting? That must be the key to melting away tons of fat fast. What does this all lead to? Tremendous CONFUSION, and soon disappointment!

Allow me to make it much easier for you. Losing fat is pretty straight forward as long as you fully understand the basics. Sorry – quick fixes, magic pills, and diets will not deliver long term results. I will carefully break it down for you here. Read carefully, and you can block out all the ridiculous noise that penetrates the fat loss industry. Here is what you must know in order to succeed:


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Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight

What Is The Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight?

What is the best diet plan to lose fat?  Is it the low fat approach? Low carb? What about low glycemic? Which is best? The confusion builds for the good intentioned weight loss consumer. In order to help answer this all important question I have created a video for you below.  It is important to watch because it is loaded with valuable information in order to help you once and for all lose body fat in the most effective, healthiest manner possible.

There is a best way of losing weight.  In the important video below I share a research study which answered the question above.  Fat loss as well as health markers were monitored, and revealed. You just might be surprised which eating plan is best.


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Protein Powder Nitrogen Spiking

Beware: Your Protein Powder May Be Cheating You

A big trend today in the fat loss diet industry is to eat more protein, and less carbohydrates in order to lose fat. Doing so has shown to be an effective strategy for weight loss. Is it easy to bump up the protein in your diet? Not always. Yes, you can get enough protein from meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and diary products if you protein powderstrategically plan ahead. However, many fat loss, and fitness enthusiasts rely heavily on different protein powders in order to supplement their diet in fear of not getting enough of the muscle building, fat melting macronutrient.

Some individuals consume protein powers because they feel by drinking them daily it will help them lose weight. Others, especially people who strength train, have a difficult time getting enough protein to ignite muscle protein synthesis. Therefore, protein supplements are used for convenience. In order to get 30 grams of protein to turn on muscle protein synthesis it is a lot easier to quickly shake, and drink instead of preparing meals, and storing them in Tupperware.

You Are Getting Ripped Off And Don’t Even Know About It!

I am sad to report that half of the protein powder seen on shelves today has a lot less “real protein” than what the label suggests. Yes, you are being lied to! Yes, you are being manipulated! Yes, you are not really getting what you think you are paying your hard earning money for. Terrible, right?

Imagine being an intelligent nutritional supplement consumer by reading the label prior to buying.  The label says you get 30 grams of whey protein in each scoop. What if you are really only getting 18 grams?  How would you feel? Ripped off? Manipulated?  Not only is your wallet a victim, but perhaps your weight loss, or fitness results too.


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