Get Personal Training Online

In order to assist you in reaching your fitness goals Wellness WORD has the option of exclusive, state-of-the art personal training online. You will be coached to succeed by one of our highly qualified fitness professionals. Let us take you by the hand, and lead you towards your fitness program goal! Having a coach is […]

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Become A Personal Trainer

Here at Wellness WORD our main goal is to promote health and fitness. Helping a fitness passionate individual become a personal trainer contributes to our mission. Therefore, an important segment of our fitness venture is to educate individuals on how to profit in their own personal training business. We not only help existing personal trainers profit, but […]

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Not Enough Time To Exercise?

One of the biggest challenges people face is finding the time to exercise in today’s very busy world. Instead of prioritizing, and scheduling workout sessions most people simply miss them. The result – no exercise translates into a deterioration of physical appearance,  and health. Now for some good news!  You can enjoy excellent, life changing fitness […]

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Get Fitness Help! Ask A Question

Here at Wellness WORD we want to help you look better, feel better, and perform better! In order to give you fitness help we need to know exactly what you need help with. Therefore, as a valued customer, and subscriber you have access to a “ASK YOUR FITNESS QUESTION” page. All you have to do […]

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Thanks again, Jim. Priceless information. I am reading and studying my audio and other information every chance I get. Unbeatable!
Sterling M.

Hi Jim,

I’ll begin by stating that I truly appreciate you and the wonderful information you forward. Your generosity is absolutely awesome.  Again, I appreciate you, my friend. May God continue to bless you and yours!


Dear Jim O’ Connor
Thank you very much for your e-report. It is wonderful, actually the right time I got your e-report, it saved me a lot. Once again I  thanks to you for your non-profitable genuine sincere work. I am going to go through all your reports.
Thanks and regards!


CS. Senthiil

Thank you Jim. I am subscribed to several PT Trainers. You are the King. The best. Appreciate all your advice.


Jim your audio has helped me tremendously; and I can’t thank you enough..the preceived value of your tape was far more than the small cost..much thanks!

Scott S.

I want to thank you for your info. It was very eye opening! Your the man. I wish I could intern with u for a couple of weeks. I have been a trainer officially for 3 years and working out and passionate about fitness since I was 13 years old. I am now 23 so I feel everyday I am learning new things. I love fitness. It was wounderful to see you on youtube and talk about everything that is on my mind! Thank you!

John Bach