How To Lose Belly Fat For Men Over 40

How To Lose Belly Fat For Men Over 40

Working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach/fitness trainer, and being over 40, I get it! One day you wake up, look in the mirror, and see a damn big gut. How in the hell did this happen? You were fit, and trim in your 20’s, and 30’s. It seemed like you could burn off whatever you ate back then.  Now all of a sudden you hit 40, and fat seems to accumulate quicker. You are not alone! A majority of the men I consult with ask how to lose belly fat for men over 40. Therefore, I’m here to empower you with a few experienced words of wisdom.

Men Wanting To Lose Fat Over 40 Are Often Confused/Misled

Misinformation swirling around the weight loss, and fitness industry tends to misled innocent men who desperately want to discover how to lose belly fat fast. One friend says start walking daily while another friend says low carb is the way to go. Then you come across something that says intermittent fasting will strip belly fat fast only to watch the ab roller infomercial at night telling you it is possible to crunch away your gut in 30 days. Confusion! Don’t fall for all of this! Follow the principles which are scientifically shown to work.

3 Evidence Based Principles For Belly Fat loss over 40

So what works? Coach Jim is here to clear up some confusion leading you in the proper direction.

  1. Don’t try to exercise off your belly.  Please understand that thousands of crunches will not lead to thin stud-like abs. First off, you can’t spot reduce. As a matter of fact, exercise is not the most effective way to reduce body fat. Research shows exercise is most effective in helping keep your fat loss off by increasing calorie expenditure.  Before you say to hell with exercise be aware that it will help create a calorie deficient in order assist a bit with weight loss. However, exercise is not the most effective way to melt away 40 year old belly fat fast.
  2. What you eat (nutrition) consistently is 85% of how to lose belly fat for men over 40. Proper nutritional habits will do a better job of helping you reach your 20 year old belly again, not exercise. I recommend focusing on one new habit at a time. An example would be to start by eating slower at each meal. Once you master that habit, then work on another one. The next habit might be to replace regular soda with water, or diet soda. Look for ways to be in a caloric deficit consistently – day after day. Find the best nutrition diet plan that works for your lifestyle. They all work temporarily by tricking you into eating less. However, is the plan something you can maintain for an extended period of time? If not, look for another approach. They all work temporarily! Adherence is  key.
  3. Eat Protein and Fiber at every meal. One quick, but super powerful tip you can implement today is add protein and fiber at each meal. What will this do? Two magical things. Keep you full longer so you won’t want to eat as much later. This will trick you into eating less throughout the day without even knowing it. It works! The other trick protein and fiber does is force your body burn more calories to digest it. Bingo!

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Weight Loss For Women Over 40

Best Weight Loss For Women Over 40 Explained

Weight Loss For Women Over 40

Being well over 40 myself, I get it! You wake up one morning, pull out a pair of your favorite jeans; and they are too damn tight. What a horrible feeling! That feeling absolutely wrecks the entire day, and maybe even week. Instant bad mood! After sorting though your frustrated emotions it’s diet time. You are not happy, and determined to get your 20’s or 3o’s body back ASAP. Weight loss for women over 40 can be a bit tricky. The extra weight seemed to creep up so quickly without really seeing it coming.

Why did this happen to you? What’s the best way to handle it quickly? These are two of the biggest questions racing though the minds of women over 40. First off, life happened! You are juggling too many responsibilities which includes career, family, and friends. Having too much on your plate is a major distraction from focusing on YOU – consistent proper nutrition, and exercise. Being pressed for time is always a big barrier. Then add in the fat friendly food environment of today’s society with your hormonal changes.  This equals a recipe for why your favorite skinny jeans just won’t fit anymore. Yikes!

Physiological Changes For Women Start After 40

Human beings physiologically change over time. We age. Now I’m not saying 40 is old. It’s not! You are in your prime, but things can begin changing for some ladies physiologically over age 40. As a result of lifestyle, and not so great eating habits for many years, you can begin losing valuable calorie burning muscle tissue; that is, if you don’t strength train on a regular basis. Depending up your specific genetics you can become a much less efficient carbohydrate metabolizer. That means your body doesn’t handle sugar as well as it used to leading to higher blood sugar levels, and potential weight gain. Things change! It is important to accept this, and do exactly what works to combat it as much as possible to achieve an optimal life.

Understanding Best Weight Loss for Women over 40

Ok. You have accepted that physiological change for women is eventually inevitable.  Now the good news! You can lose fat over 40, and actually keep it off forever. It is just going to take a bit more awareness, and effort. First off,  let’s not make this too complicated. Understanding the energy balance formula is important for losing fat for women over 40. You must be burning off more energy than you are taking in for effective fat loss to occur. If your energy balance is the same, then you will not lose one single pound of fat. It is important to know this.

Does losing weight mean you have to exercise your day away? No. That is not the most effective way to lose fat over 40. However, you must seek a caloric deficit mindset consistently, day after day, until you reach your desired goal. Simple, but not easy. Yes, it will take some planning, and effort; but you are worth it! Aren’t you? This doesn’t mean starvation, and deprivation. No! It means being aware of making better food, and lifestyle choices consistently. There are no quick fix magic diets that will help keep your weight off forever.

3 Big Things To Do for Fat Loss for Women Over 40

  1. Strength Training is a must!  If weight loss for women over 40 is your goal, then you must incorporate consistent strength training into your life. This will only be an hour long investment each week. While in a caloric deficient from making good food choices you need to strength train in order to maintain calorie burning lean tissue (muscle) throughout the process. This will help not only shape your body, but also maintain valuable bone strength heading into menopause, and beyond. Don’t forget to challenge your muscles! Women generally make this simple mistake. Strength training is not walking. It is using any type of resistance for your muscles in which you can only do between 8-12 repetitions.
  2. Pick a nutritional plan for adherence. All calorie restriction diets work temporarily because it tricks us into eating less (caloric deficit). The big question to ask yourself is can you stick with it for the long haul.  Pick a plan which you are confident you can comfortably follow for 6 months to 1 year if you have to. It may be ketogenic, low carb, low fat, low sugar. Whatever works for you personally is the one to follow. There is no magic here.
  3. Eat protein and fiber at every meal.  There are two main reasons to do this. First, eating protein will help you maintain your calorie burning muscle while in a deficit. Secondly, protein, and fiber will keep you full longer so you will automatically eat fewer calories over the course of a day. This leads to long term weight loss.

Begin with these powerful weight loss for women over 40 tips! Yes, you can do it! It is possible, and going to happen if implement the correct strategy. For more tips, and a detailed explanation please refer to the 100% FREE REPORT below – Fat Loss Forever – The Top 7 Ways to Prime Your Brain for Permanent Fat Loss.

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Weight Loss For Women Over 40

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Tips For Weight Loss At Home

Tips For Weight Loss At Home

Tips For Weight Loss At Home

Let’s face it, some people prefer to never set foot into a crowded commercial gym. I get it! Perhaps you are one of those people. So how then can you lose weight from the comforts of your private home? That means no gym membership! People won’t bother you at home in any capacity. You won’t have to drive, and pay a monthly fee. Can you actually get results from the comfort of your own home? Absolutely! Keep reading because I’m going to list 3 powerful, yet easy to implement tips for weight loss at home. Feel free to take action on one, or all of them immediately!

Here is What You Need To Do At Home To Lose Fat

Okay! Ready? Yes, it can be done! Stay at home, and enjoy results. You can do this!

  1. Control your food environment. This is the first, and most important tip I can offer today. Without controlling your specific food environment you will struggle in your quest at home for a new body. First off, you must put away (out of sight) any highly palatable low satiety foods. I’m referring to such foods as highly refined carbohydrates which your brain, and body craves. Out of sight out of mind. If you don’t see these foods, then your brain won’t be triggered to seek them. Better yet, controlling your food environment means don’t buy these type of foods.  Another bonus tip is to eat slowly at your dinner table only, preferably while not multitasking  – reading a book, looking at our phone, watching TV, etc.
  2. Strength Training. While in a weight loss caloric deficit it is extremely important to maintain your metabolically active fat burning muscle tissue. That means stimulate your muscles for prevention of loss. At a minimum, purchase some inexpensive dumbbells, and a stability ball which can be used as a bench. Holding onto muscle tissue while in a fat loss caloric deficit will help keep your metabolism humming in order to make weight loss a bit easier.
  3. Plan and prepare your meals in advance. You want to be at home, right? Then eat at home instead of in restaurants. For a good fat loss strategy this is always an intelligent move! Don’t come home late at night from work, hungry, without knowing what you will be eating in advance. Prepping on the weekend for the week is always a smart, slimming strategy.

Bonus Fat Loss Tip For Home

Keep reading to discover more tips for weight loss at home.

When planning meals make sure your plate first includes a protein source, and vegetables. This is essential for all home feedings. The last thing you want to add to your plate is carbohydrates, and starches in small amounts unless you run 15 mile a day. Limit carbohydrates and fats to minimal portions, not at every meal. A piece or two of fruit a day is ok as long as it fits into your caloric allotment which should be below your weight maintenance caloric intake.

Start with these very effective tips for weight loss at home. They work!  Doing so will help create some momentum.

I have many more simple, yet super effective tips you can implement immediately in order to lose fat. Just click on the button below to access them 100% free. It will be well worth your time.

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Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women
Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women

Frustration! I get it! You dig into your closet, pull out your favorite pair of jeans only to shockingly discover you can’t button them. Damn it! Isn’t that the worst feeling in the world? The automatic bad mood button is pressed for the rest of the day as you ferociously declare you will get this weight off quickly! You’re not standing for it! Almost every single women at least once in their life has had this ugly feeling. The first thing that comes to mind is quickly finding exercises to lose belly fat for women. Surely, there are specific exercises which quickly and easily melt away belly fat. At least that is what we have been led to believe.

BEWARE: Now The Sad Truth of Fat Loss

Unfortunately, the belly fat loss consumer has been misled over the years by misinformation spewed from the media, and certain product marketing leading us to believe we can crunch our way to a trim, and sexy belly. Please understand it is physiologically impossible to target one area via a certain exercise like crunches, and guarantee fat quickly melts away from that specific area. Sorry, but I want to lead you in the right direction to get rid of that horrible feeling of not being able to squeeze into your favorite jeans, or dress. It is my responsibility as a professional strength and conditioning coach to do so.

Can exercises to lose belly fat for women really work? Yes, via burning calories. However, fat loss will come off throughout your entire body instead of from one specific targeted area. No, you can’t spot reduce! Please don’t fall for this sabotaging myth! Also note, exercises to lose belly fat for women is not the most effective way to lose weight. Scientific evidence shows exercise is much more effective in keeping your fat loss off versus taking it off.

Ladies – Here is What Really Works to Lose Belly Fat…

Don’t worry! Keep reading! You have hope. Science shows us exercise is not the most effective tummy fat loss method. What works is manipulating your nutrition plan. That works a whole lot better than exercising your way to a beautiful waistline. Now I’m not saying starve yourself to a slim waist. Rather make slight, but consistent dietary modifications to elicit a caloric deficit.  Eating less calories than you have been, day after day, is the most effective way to a sexy waistline.

Exercise can come into play by helping increase caloric expenditure, but sound consistent nutrition drives the entire process. When I mention exercise I’m not referring to doing 1000 crunches, but overall body exercises which can burn the greatest amount of calories creating a bigger caloric deficit.  Consider cardiovascular exercise which you enjoy such as power walking, swimming, or even biking. Think burn more calories to help your caloric deficit!

Strength training is helpful in maintaining metabolically active (calorie burning) muscle tissue while in a negative caloric balance. Therefore, I always recommend ladies incorporate consistent resistance training in a weight loss program. However, remember, strength training is not performed for the reason of melting fat off in a certain area of your body! As mentioned above, it physiologically doesn’t work that way!

The 7 Most Effective Things Women Can Do To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Forever

My promise is to lead you in the proper direction by giving you the correct scientifically backed knowledge, and action items to get rid of belly fat as fast as possible. Therefore, I have created a 100% free special report listing the top 7 things women can do to reduce belly fat, and keep it off forever. It is a must read!

In order to receive FREE instant access to this cutting edge report simply enter your first name, primary email address, and then click the submit button below. This will definitely be the most important information you have ever read on losing, and more importantly, keeping body fat off forever! I look forward to helping you in the report.


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Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women

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Protein For Weight Loss

Protein For Weight Loss

Should You Eat Protein For Weight Loss?

Fitness trainers, nutritionists, and weight loss experts seem to be shouting from the mountain tops, protein for weight loss! Is this something you should really consider; or is it some type of fad?  What does the science say? That is always the question you want to ask yourself.  In regard to protein for weight loss, or any other big claim please don’t follow the herd unless what they are recommending is currently backed by sound scientific evidence.

Protein is good. Carbs are evil. Haven’t you heard this? Today we see more protein bars, and powders on store shelves. The promotion of eating protein for fat loss is alive, and well. Fitness buffs are told to ingest 30 grams of whey protein within hours after a hard strength training session. Are we being led down the wrong path?

Yes, the scientific evidence shows that eating more protein can lead to weight loss. Why you may ask? Does protein have magic fat burning properties? Heck no!  However, there are three distinct reasons why you should be consuming more protein in order to help lose weight.

Why Eating Protein Can Help in Losing Fat

  1. Increases the thermic effect of eating. This simply means burning more calories from digestion. To keep it simple, it takes more energy (calories) to digest a gram of protein than it does a gram of fat, or carbohydrates. Therefore, you are burning more calories when you eat protein versus carbs, or fats. That’s good news!
  2. Eating protein for weight loss keeps you full longer so you won’t want to binge on highly palatable carbohydrates. Staying full longer means eating less calories throughout the day. This, of course, leads to losing fat over time. Consuming protein equals greater satiety.
  3. Maintain metabolically active muscle tissue while in a caloric deficit.  In order to lose weight you must be in a caloric deficit. While cutting calories over time you not only lose fat, but also metabolically active muscle. Eating a sufficient amount of protein over the course of the day will decrease your chances of losing valuable metabolically active muscle tissue. Complete proteins with the sufficient amount of the amino acid Leucine triggers muscle protein synthesis to help maintain muscle while cutting calories. Please note that strength training plus enough protein over the day will help maintain valuable calorie burning muscle.

What type of protein? When? How much?

I  always recommend clients who do not have kidney disease to consume approximately between 20-30 grams of protein at each meal. That way enough will be consumed throughout the day especially from eating 3 meals per day.

Complete protein consists of the following foods: chicken, beef, turkey, fish, dairy products such as milk/cheese, eggs, and rice/beans mixed together.  Of course, a good whey protein power can be used for convenience to make sure you there is enough protein for weight loss, and muscle maintenance.

How much? To make things simple so you don’t have to count grams of protein I recommend men eat two palm sizes of protein. Women should consume the quantity of one palm size of protein.

Would You Like Even More Simple Fat Loss Tips For FREE?

Eating protein for weight loss is just one easy strategy you can implement right away. In order to discover many more powerful, yet simple fat loss action items click the button below right now.

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The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast  The Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

Let’s face it, a majority of us desperately want to know the best way to lose weight fast, and then keep it off forever. The problem is that just doesn’t happen. Humans are pretty decent at losing fat, but horrible at keeping it off forever. We are all in this together! Current data from the National Center of Health Statistics shows a 30% increase in adult obesity, and a 33% increase in youth obesity since 1990-2000. That’s not great news! Therefore, you are not alone.

Prior to starting your weight loss program you need to set yourself up for success. That is key! Without understanding a few basic scientifically backed concepts you will not be very successful in your fat loss quest. Therefore, before I share with you the best way to lose weight fast, I must first educate you so success is likely.

Setting You Up For Fat Loss Success!

Please understand the faster you lose weight the quicker it most likely comes back. My statement is not trying to completely discourage you from losing fast, but putting things in perspective so you know what to expect. Losing weight fast when you implement a substantial caloric deficit for days to weeks can cause a metabolic adaptation which primes your body to physiologically gain it back quickly once you stop your caloric deficit. A significant caloric deficit is very disruptive to your physiology, and is almost impossible to maintain for the long haul.

Now the good news! Yes, you can still lose weight fast, but keeping that permanent fat loss will be a significant challenge. That is keeping things in perspective. The best way to lose weight is to do it slowly with a minimal physiological disturbance leading to a minimal metabolic adaptation.  I fully explain this in my 100% FREE REPORT – Fat Loss Forever – The Top 7 Ways to Prime Your Brain for Permanent Fat loss. You can get 100% FREE ACCESS to this cutting edge report by filling out the box below.

I fully realize you are reading this article because you want to lose fat fast! Therefore, I’m going to provide you with a few simple tips in order for that to happen.

5 Keys To Lose Weight Fast

  1. You must be in a caloric deficit of 500+ calories per day. This means you have to be expending at least 500 calories less than you normally do daily for up to 7 days straight in order to lose around 1 lb of fat. The greater the deficit the harder it be to sustain, but the more weight you can shed fast.
  2. Your nutritional diet will only consist of protein, vegetables, and some fruit.  Protein-  Examples – chicken, fish, lean beef, eggs, and turkey. Vegetables – Any vegetable especially green fiberous ones. Fruit – Limit to one, or two pieces a day only. Therefore, your plate with look like a palm size portion of protein,  and a fist size serving of vegetables. Men can have slightly more.
  3. Consume only water!   Work up to 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  Drink early, and often.
  4. Physical activity on most days for 30+ minutes. Your goal is to expend calories to help with put you in more of a deficit. This may include power walks, weight training, biking, or swimming. Any physical activity in which you elevate your heart rate consistently for up to 30 minutes.
  5. Be consistent with all of the above, day after day after day until you reach your goal.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is not the best way to lose fat long term, and keep it off forever. However, it is the best way to lose weight fast. The fact that it is not sustainable will hurt your chances of keeping that weight loss off forever.

FAT LOSS FOREVER – The Top 7 Ways To Prime your BRAIN for Permanent Fat Loss

For the best way to lose weight, and actually keep it off forever simple read, watch, or listen to my 100% FREE REPORT – Fat Loss Forever – The Top 7 Ways to Prime your Brain for Permanent Fat Loss. Simply enter your first name, primary email address, and then click the submit button in the box provided below. This free special report is a must if permanent fat loss is your goal!


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The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

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Try Beetroot Juice To Increase Stamina

Beetroot Juice – Increase Stamina and Decrease Blood Pressure?

Move over Acai Berry. We have a new super duper food in town! This time a real super food as research states.  Introducing beetroot juice, or beet juice!  Now the encouraging thing about beetroot juice is the sound scientific evidence which has indicated it really can increase exercise stamina, and decrease blood pressure.

In order to help you fully understand the benefits of beetroot juice I shot a real quick video for you explaining how it works; and why you may want to give it a try.

Who is it for?

1. A person who wants to lower their blood pressure naturally, and get possible medication like results.

2. A physically active, or competitive person who really wants to increase exercise stamina, or physical performance.

3. Someone interested in being healthier.


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How To Get Stronger

How To Get Stronger

Strength! One of the most frequent questions I receive is how to get stronger.  It is an intelligent question because strength is the cornerstone of fitness that we must preserve into old age. Not doing so could drastically hamper ones lifestyle. Have you ever seen an older person suffer from strength and power loss? Watch how difficult it is for them to get up from a chair. We all must maintain our strength to live independent lives.

In order to help you get stronger I have a short video below sharing important tips in order to help you increase your strength. These are the basics you must know in order to succeed.  Yes, this is for men, women,  young, and old.  Do what I suggest in the video;  it will help you reach your strength goals quicker.

Click the FORWARD ARROW to start the short video. This is exactly how to get stronger!

Top 20 Fat Loss Myths That Destroy Results – 100% FREE

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How To Get In Shape

How To Get In Shape (The Formula)

Many people want to know how to get in shape. The fact is most individuals put the cart before the horse, and don’t get the basics down before worrying about inconsequential things that are not as important as nailing down the basics. An example of this is post workout nutrition, how many sets, or how many reps. Mastering the basics will get you the best results rather than worrying about variables that have very little effect.

In order to help you I have come up with a formula for the variables you need to know showing how to get in shape. Before you worry about small variables please make sure you have the basics in place. The video below will reveal my special formula to help improve your fitness level.


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Yoga For Fat Loss

Will Yoga Help You Lose Fat?

Yoga for fat loss? That is the big question of the day. Many people flock to yoga for a variety of reason including weight loss. Is it worth your time? Or, is there something more effective, and efficient you can do to melt fat away? I tackle these questions in today’s video. Simply click on the start button below in the video, and get the answers.

When it comes to a fat loss program it is important really know what works, and what doesn’t. After all, isn’t your time valuable? Don’t waste time! Get the truth.  In fitness there are two groups – the uneducated, and educated. Watch the video to get yourself educated. Yoga can be good, but you need to know exactly how you will benefit.


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